throaty noise

  1. NPack

    New Display(?) Killed My Speed & RPM - Sounds Funny

    Hey folks, My 2007 Sea-Doo RXT used to sound very deep and throaty with a consistent low rumble; it would consistently hit ~68mph out on flat water, accelerated great, hit 8k rpms, everything was good. End of last season, I put new oil, spark plugs, and a new display in and then winterized it...
  2. R

    Rx Still running rough

    Fires Right up, Runs at about 1100 rpm on trailer and 900 in water, replaced ignition coils, plugs, cleaned raves, compression was at 135 i think, i don't remember the exact numbers but they were fine, Smokes out the back a lot, Cleaned carbs, rebuilt jet pump, new impeller. i'm to the point...