temp sensor

  1. ElectricVette

    2017 SeaDoo Wake Pro 230 water temp aftermarket part?

    I bought a used low hour 2017 SeaDoo WakePro 230 and noticed the lake water temp reads 32 degrees. After calling the dealer (zero help) then reading the manual online it says only the Limited skis have the functioning read out. Is there anyone who knows what it takes to hack or mod mine to make...
  2. T

    2000 Speedster w/ Merc 240EFI - won't start after warmed up

    Hey kids, I've combed the forums, and incorporated as much as I could find before posting, so that I wouldn't waste anybody's time. I'm going to include everything I think may be relevant, so please bear with me. First, a quick disclaimer...I just bought this boat, so I don't have a lot...
  3. B

    2007 Seadoo Challenger 180 speed sensor/temp sensor

    Hi to all, I was hoping that someone could please let me know what colour wires to connect together for the speed sensor / temp sensor. I have the following 3 wires that I can see from the sensor: -Pink with orange stripe -Black with red stripe -Purple with yellow stripe And 3...
  4. C

    1994 GTX alarm - overheating?

    I launched my 1994 GTX today and the second I hit the start button a piercing alarm sounded and wouldn't go away. I tried to run it for a few minutes to see if it would go away and noticed that the temperature indicator on the panel started flickering. I've been using it just about every...
  5. johnhibbs

    Mercury 240EFI hard starting warm and gas mileage

    I had a hard time restarting my Challenger 2000 with a Mercury 240EFI engine when it was warm. After reading that other people had solved the problem by replacing the temp sensor on the engine (passenger side) I gave it a try and it fixed the problem. Short story: The insulation on the...