spx 720

  1. S

    96 SPX no start

    Just picked up a 96 spx with the 717 rotax engine, I am trying to figure out if the motor is locked up. Where can I crank by hand to check? Spark plug was very corroded. Would only get a single beep when pressing the start button. Pulled the starter out and tested it, works fine Any help is...
  2. Costa863

    96 SPX (720)

    We recently purchased a 96 SPX hull with some minor mods already done and its mounted for a 720 motor. Any good place for parts for these older bikes? Also my 13y/o son is interested in racing but I'm having a hard time finding out where or who to contact to get him in a beginner race class or...
  3. B

    1996 Seadoo SPX 720

    Hello all. I got water in my jetski and then drove it up to my buddy's, unknowing that there was still water in it (bilge wasn't working). Anyway, I dried it out and was able to run it. However, I've since had starting issues. It turned over intermittently for a while, but now nothing...