sportster le stereo

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    Just purchased a 2000 SeaDoo Sportster LE... Was it a good deal?

    I paid $3000 for a 2000 SeaDoo Sportster LE this past weekend. Came with a trailer and SeaDoo brand cover. -- 130hp - new motor 3 years ago -- new impeller -- new sleeve -- new battery -- guy added a depth finder -- stereo already installed (although not a very nice one) -- gas gauge...
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    2004 Seadoo Sportster Le DI Stereo

    I recently purchased a 2004 Sportster and am looking to install a stereo and two flushmount speakers in the boat. Thinking of installing the stereo to the left and below the switch consol above the left knee of the driver. One speaker to the front of the front storage compartment and one by...