1. tonydiato

    Are these Splines bad?

    This drive shaft was replaced less than 3 years ago. Could this be bad already? Sometimes the ski loses speed or thrusts(slips). Thanks for your response. Tony Seadoo Gti 155 SE 2007.
  2. Kuikkis

    Engine runs and revs but no thrust.

    Hi everyone! I have a tricky problem with my Sea Doo GTI -98 PWC. I was riding in a deep water with slow speed when I heard a cracking sound from my Sea Doo. Engine kept running and it revved but there wasn´t thrust at all. I have now replaced my wear ring and impeller and checked driveshaft...
  3. T

    Stripped impeller and shaft, shaft rubbing on carbon ring.

    I've got a 2011 GTS. around 350 hours. The splines are almost completely stripped on the impeller and the drive shaft. After I pulled the pump and shaft I noticed wear on the shaft and found it had been rubbing on the carbon ring. Is my engine way out of alignment or did the play caused by...
  4. S

    worn impeller splines

    So i recently rebuilt the top end of my 94 seadoo xp and just finished breaking it in. After tuning the carb I noticed the ski would not move and the was making a terrible noise.I instantly jumped off the boat and swam it back to shore. I took my jet pump and drive shaft out to realize my...