speed falls off

  1. hockeymd

    GTR lost top speed

    My 2017 GTR 230 lost 20mph off the top speed from last year. I purchased the 2017 GTR 230 used last year. Ran great in the Summer and hit 65mph before I put it on the trailer last Fall. I had the local dealer winterize it. I removed and stored the battery inside the house (I don't like to...
  2. R

    2002 GTX-DI Speed unstable after warm up

    Hey folks, New SeaDoo owner here. Bought this last week, had it in water 3 times. On initial run each time, it runs smoothly at whatever speed, 30 mph most of the time. If I throttle back to low speed or stop, then the speed is all over the place. Holding constant throttle at 30, speed...