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    Ski Mode and Speed Control Issues - Dealer and BRP Both Unable to Correct

    Hello all. I’m new here and love my SeaDoo. However I’m having an issue and hope someone here can help. I have a problem neither the dealer nor Sea Doo (BRP) can seem to solve, all having to do with ski mode and overall speed control. I have a 2010, 210 Wake, 2-155 hp, with about 75 hours...
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    2002 GTX-DI Speed unstable after warm up

    Hey folks, New SeaDoo owner here. Bought this last week, had it in water 3 times. On initial run each time, it runs smoothly at whatever speed, 30 mph most of the time. If I throttle back to low speed or stop, then the speed is all over the place. Holding constant throttle at 30, speed...