spark plug boot

  1. N

    Spark Plug Boot Resistance on 2001 RXDI

    Hi all, Found some threads that talk about this but have not really seen a "for-sure" answer. Long story short I am replacing the spark plug boots/caps on my 2001 RX-DI. The seadoo P/N for the boot is 278001452 but I cannot find any information on the resistance of the boot. I see a lot of...
  2. MacAddict

    Question about spark plug wires/boots on 2001 Seadoo Xp 951

    Hey guys... first off, thank you very much for the forum and all the help that you've provided. Having read through the posts over the last 2 weeks has saved me infinite time and frustration. :thumbsup: Secondly, I apologize for how long this post got. Okay... so I'm new to the forum, and...