sound system

  1. W

    2020 Seadoo GTI BRP audio system upgrade

    Hello everyone, new to this form (and the PWC community). I have been searching all over for ideas on how to make my BRP sound system louder. Has anybody had any experience here? I was thinking something along the lines of either upgrading the amp( from what i can tell the speakers can handle...
  2. T

    Speaker delete in 96 Seadoo Challenger

    Hey guys, I picked up a '96 Challenger and the speakers are shot in it, also didn't come with a deck. I'm not crazy about installing a big system as I've run into issues with killing the battery in the past and that was with boats that had alternators instead of charging coils. So I was...
  3. Tharealgoodperry

    2011 RXT 260 sound system

    Hey guys - last summer I came across a screaming deal on an RXT 260. I got a rica racing exhaust on it and do a couple other smaller things but I really want to get a sound system set up for this summer but I have no idea where to even start. So I’m here asking for any ideas, suggestions, or...
  4. D

    New Pink Doo How I Love You!!

    My name is Dawn, I'm new here looking for interesting ideas for my new Spark. I would like to either figure a way to install a Bluetooth speaker system of some sort or a stereo on my ski. If anyone has any good ideas please let me know! Thanks, Dawn
  5. V

    Annoying Buzing and humming

    I have installed a amp in my Speedster. Now when i turn on the ignition and start the motor I get an annoying buzzing sound through the soundsystem I wired the amp directly to the battery and the remote power to the positive on the stereo positive. Any suggestions?
  6. A

    Newbie with a few questions

    My husband and I just bought a 1998 Sportster 1800 after spending a year trying to figure out the best boat to fit our limited budget and limited storage space. We just love the layout, and the boat is in good shape for something that dates back to the Clinton administration. We have ordered the...