ski mode

  1. M

    2019 GTI 155 SE Ski Module Issue

    Hi all, New to the forum in search of an answer. I purchased a ski module that was listed as compatible for my ski in December. Now that we are into June and am ready to test it, I can't seem to find the added features in the menu. This module was plug and play into the diagnostic...
  2. nsxlane

    Seadoo Speedster 150 Ski Mode Question

    Hey all, I picked up a used Seadoo Speedster 150 last year, and noticed that on the speedometer there is a light that says "Ski Mode." In the operator's guide, however, I only see options for Eco Mode, Docking Mode, and Cruise Mode. Additionally, when I press the Mode button on the...
  3. S

    New owner looking to get advice on installing ski mode on 2013 RXT-X aS 260

    I am looking to install the ski mode on RXT-X aS 260. I have seen a few part numbers recommended on the forum, but need clarification as to what it comes with. Is this the same as cruise mode? (If i am driving and just push button to hold speed while cruising long distance say at 45mph...)...
  4. F

    Ski Mode Issues

    Hi All, I'm new here so please excuse any dumb questions. So I got the family and I a 2013 Wake Pro. All the bells and whistles. Use it for wakeboarding and the odd ski or tube. When I use "Ski Mode" it pulls the boarder up no worries but immediately over speeds, usually by a lot and...
  5. M

    Ski Mode and Speed Control Issues - Dealer and BRP Both Unable to Correct

    Hello all. I’m new here and love my SeaDoo. However I’m having an issue and hope someone here can help. I have a problem neither the dealer nor Sea Doo (BRP) can seem to solve, all having to do with ski mode and overall speed control. I have a 2010, 210 Wake, 2-155 hp, with about 75 hours...