1. J

    1996 Seadoo GTi Wont turn off

    I am posting this to help the community, as I have just wrestled with an issue with my 1996 GTi where I could not kill the engine without choking it out. If your Seadoo will not shut down, will not turn off using the DESS post kill or STOP switch start here. With engine running, press the...
  2. J

    Total Power Failure

    Hello All, I am new to the forum and run a 2012 GTX155, great condition with a rebuilt engine. I was running it this weekend and after a hard landing over a wake, the PWC shut down completely. No power to the cluster, no beeps when I press the start button, and the speedo & tach gauges are...
  3. mxrider9239

    1995 seadoo xp shut down and wont!

    hey guys! my friend bought a 95 seadoo xp 720 and us and a couple other friends went out in the bay the other day. He was riding perfect for a good 10 or 15 minutes and then all of a sudden his ski just shutoff, no loud banging noises but he heard something but wasnt sure of what it was. Any way...
  4. Gamerse

    Unofficial 587,657,717 Mpem troubleshooting guide

    Random Sutdowns: 1.Check all fuses. A.Mpem fuse is blown. Your Mpem may have a shorted diode causing high current draw. Using a DVOM, check for reverse current flow. (black lead to mpem fuse, red to ground) If mpem fails test, repair or replace Mpem and...