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    96 GTX 787 Shutting off on idle

    I have a 1996 GTX 787, with multiple problems, but This is for an idle issue when starting up sometimes it takes few tries to start the seadoo so I was told it's the starter assembly need to be changed, which I'm looking for one now, but the problem is when it starts it runs great on high...
  2. J

    1996 Seadoo GTi Wont turn off

    I am posting this to help the community, as I have just wrestled with an issue with my 1996 GTi where I could not kill the engine without choking it out. If your Seadoo will not shut down, will not turn off using the DESS post kill or STOP switch start here. With engine running, press the...
  3. R

    1998 GTS intermittent Start/Shut off Issue

    Hello, I'm very new to the Seadoo world, so bear with me. Here's my issue: I have a 1998 GTS that intermittently won't start/shut off until you press the button a few times (and seems to be getting worse). It seems as though it's a faulty start button because it's the same situation with...