seadoo sportser 1800

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    Killing Starters - SeaDoo Sportser 1800 1998

    Why Am I Killing Starters ? - SeaDoo Sportser 1800 1998 I have gone through 3 starters. They seem to work fine for a few trips then the starter will totaly fail. After removing it and testing they will not run at all. They are corroded + the starter gear seems to become worn. This has...
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    Seadoo Sportser 1800 No power. Electrical ??

    1998 Seadoo Sportser 1800 I took it from Birmingham, AL to Cape Canaveral to watch the last shuttle launch. No problems. Took it out of the water, cranked up the engines with the boat on the trailer for a few seconds to drain, no problems. Drove 150 miles and then hooked it up to hose to...