sea-doo xp

  1. GaiJin

    Mini Sea-Doo Vaca Allegheny reservoir and Lake Chautauqua, NY

    Small Sea-Doo containing video taken while having fun in Western NY. Enjoy! SI_k4qfLVGo
  2. jetmanjo

    1996 Sea Doo Bombardier (787/800) No Spark and other questions...

    I bought this Ski for a grand and was given a reciept of shop work done a year ago and had sat since then. I get two beeps when plugging in the DESS key and the 4 LED's light up and go off however the fuel light stays on. Also the screen in the middle of the lights shows solid blocks then...
  3. R

    03 or 04 xp di?

    which xp to buy?? I am in the process of purchasing a new sea-doo. i want to know which xp/di to buy between the 1998 and 2004. Is the direct injection good? i do like the digital readout on the 2003-4 Thanks for the help.