1. ibs000

    FOR SALE 2016 Seadoo RXT X300

    This is a 2016 Seadoo RXTX300 $14,500. The jetski has 105 hours, this ski rides perfectly. Comes with a titan trailer. Rhode Island
  2. mahdian

    2018 Seadoo RXT X RS O.T.A.S Failure

    Hello, I have 2018 Seadoo RXT X RS that have O.T.A.S failure and problem. After checking faults in BUDS2, we have this Active Fault: ECM - Active - P1550 - Otas sensor voltate not plausible. Is there any O.T.A.S sensor on this PWC? I cant saw that. Please Help
  3. H

    rxt x start button not staying on

    first of all, just like to say hello to everyone. I've noticed this forum is a quality one and glad to be a part of it! my '13 rxtx 260: when I press the start button the cluster/dash only powers on while the start button is held down. As soon as I let go of the red start button the power...
  4. K

    RXTX Slow Accelerating

    I have a 2008 RXT-X and starting today it is extremely slow to accelerate. Feels like it is accelerating through mud. Once it gets up to 35+ it seems to be slightly better. Engine won't get up over 5600-5800 RPMs. Engine doesn't sound normal either. Nothing is caught in jet drive. Any one have...
  5. govprof

    Garmin 76 on an '08 rxt-x255

    Does SeaDoo or the after-market have a glove box lid available to hold a Garmin 76 GPS that will fit a 2008 rxt-x 255? I've seen these for the GTI and RXP versions on line. However one of the sites said theirs would not fit an -x or IS. Any input would help, I've already got the Garmin. We...