running rich

  1. Sebastian Bluecrew

    Carb tuning issues with a 720

    Current build...... 1995 XP 720, Bored 1.5mm, Pro-X pistons, Factory Performance Pipe without ECWI, dual 40mm carbs 140/75 jets, 40-ish pop-off, stock airbox. Motor is complete rebuilt all new gaskets and orings. Compression 150psi both cylinders. Rotary valve timed exact. Skip the grey fuel...
  2. T

    96 GSX won't exceed 4500 rpm maybe running rich?

    Hey all, I have a 1996 Seadoo GSX with the 787 Rotax, I just recently replaced the fuel lines from the crappy gray lines, cleaned out the fuel selector valve, changed the inline filter out (small filter before carb) and broke down the carbs to an extent. I didn't replace the pop of...
  3. W

    Smoking on start-up, Injectors?

    1998 Gtx Rfi been smoking alot on startup - killed all mosquitos in Michigan. So after sitting for a day I pulled the plugs and hit start - got lots of gas out of front cylinder mixed with some oil - soaked 3 rags. So I removed the fuel rail let it sit overnight. Turned it over today and got...