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    Whats top speed on a RX?

    I have an 02 RX carb model. i've read other RX's getting up to the lower 60's. This one will do 55 wot and trimmed level. I need to get a GPS speed. I raced my buddies XP and it kept right up with him and he said he was doing 65. I took a look at the jet pump and noticed that the wear ring...
  2. B

    1996 Seadoo XP acceleration problems!

    I recently just bought a 1996 SeaDoo XP and have been having problems with the acceleration. When I am sitting still in the water and want to get on the throttle all the way, the engine revs way up and i can see the water shooting behind me, but i dont go anywhere. The only way i can gain...
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    Wear ring worn down to fiberglass? PICS

    For the past week or so I have been trouble shooting some carb issues. Just yesterday after a couple hours of testing I began to notice some cavitation and a loss of top speed MPH. I just picked up the ski a couple weeks ago and was planning to change the wear ring anyway. So today I pulled...