1. N.YORK0913

    2004 utopia 205 with 250 optimax HELP ME PLEASE!!!

    Hello how are you. i just purchased my 2004 utopia 205 with 250 optimax v6 and im running into issues.. Ok so the only way i can explain this is as follows.. The first time i took it out it ran what i thought was normal.Then i was going to lake today and it gave me starting problems but...
  2. G

    De-Winterizing? :)

    How do I know when I'm safe to get the skis out of storage, and get them ready to ride again? I'm in the Midwest, Kansas. Is there a set timeline for how long it needs to be above freezing, or is it like gardening -- after the last threat of frost? LOL sorry for the dumb questions. New to...
  3. B

    Sea Doo GTI 155 SE Battery Problem

    Hey guys I'm new to the forum and forums in general but I had a few questions I was hoping someone could help me with. I purchased a 2011 Seadoo GTI 155 SE last year and it ran great! I know very little regarding marine engines so I made sure to read the manual and do the checks the dealer...
  4. A

    2002 Utopia 185 Merc V6 200 newby questions

    Hello everyone .. Newby here .. Hoping for answers to a few (probably silly beginner) questions ... 1. I know that my Utopia was well cared for and always professionally winterized .. What I don't know is what maintenance was done over the years and have no way of finding out at this point ...