pwc fishing

  1. Secret Outing

    PWC Fishing Event in the USA is hosting the Lake Powell FishPro Tournament on May 8th, 2021 at Lake Powell This is a one-day tournament and the grand prize winner wins a brand new 2021 Sea-doo FishPro. Check out for more info and rules
  2. Maverickfh

    Seadoo - whay are they better in Saltwater?

    We have been running HO's for years, thought about getting a seasdoo for salt water as they have the closed cooling system, do all models have a closed system? are there better models for salt water jet ski fishing? are there any other reasons I should be looking at seasdoo?
  3. J

    Jetski/PWC Fishing Show from New Zealand on a 2012 Sea-Doo GTX 155

    Hi Guys and Girls, I film a fishing show in New Zealand from my 2012 GTX 155 and publish it online once week. You can check out the latest episode below, and subscribe to the YouTube channel or "Like" my facebook page at...