1. P.W.R 96 xp 800

    Kawasaki polaris di fitch boxes Do they interchange?

    I have a question and wondering if the fitch box from a polaris like a genises is interchangible to like a kawasaki 1100 di fitch box any info would be great!
  2. Irish1800

    Crankcase,Rods,Intake,Carbs,Crank for Polaris 780 SLX

    I have a complete engine less the jugs and pistons for a 780 SLX Polaris engine. Had a piston go on it ruined 1 jug. I sold the other 2 jugs and pistons already. Will sell complete or in parts. PM me or reply here to let me know if your interested. Also have a hood and gas tank with fuel...
  3. J

    97' Polaris SLT780 3 Seater, $1,000

    Hello to all, I just recently joined the Seadooforum's and it has answered all my questions. I have a 97 Polaris SLT 780 3 Seater. I love the SKI and took it out twice last week with no problems. It need's new spark plugs though. I just lost my job and I HAVE to get rid of my SKI. The price is...