1. Q

    97 XP 787cc - Mods to plane faster?

    PLEASE HELP So i recently bought a 97 SeaDoo XP, the 787cc 110bhp model, which has a hull like the XPL 951cc (can be seen in my display picture). It's the first model with the spring seat. (sorry to be so detailed but i want to make sure i get the right information for my ski). I love my baby...
  2. shamski

    What the Cavitation?

    The wait was over and a 2003 Sportster Vtec 155HP found its way to my driveway this weekend - and what a weekend to be on the water :hurray:. It was great! Of course, there's the learning curve of the jetboat - low speed driving will take some getting used to. There was a repair -- what's a...