piston change

  1. rhonus

    compression - depression

    Looking for some advice to cheers me up!! I have rebuilt my engine from my GSX and couldn't get it to start. Turns out the compression is 50. No I didn't miss the 1 of 150. It is 50 and it drops to 0 on both cylinders. When I stop cranking. As I mention in a previous post I put the ski in...
  2. M

    1995 Sea Doo XP Rebuild Project

    Hi, I just bought a 1995 Sea Doo 720 XP with the motor not running. The rear piston seems chipped. There is also a tune pipe installed on the motor. The sellor told me he had the pipe installed, tried the PWC and found it had no power. Hauled off the motor head (due to low compression of 60...