1. R

    Insurance 2021?

    Hi All fellow Ontarian/Canadians, I’ve just bought a 2012 Challenger 180 se, now looking into insurance. phoned TD for a quote as that’s who all of our house and cars are through. Wasn’t that competitive. Looking for recommendations and if you know what you pay annually please let me know...
  2. C

    Good seadoo mechanic

    Hey guys just wondering where you guys take your seadoos to get repaired in and around the GTA? Thanks
  3. pwnzor18

    Hey !

    Hey guys ! Not my first post but i figured id introduce myself ! My name is Sean and im from Collingwood, ON. I just bought my first seadoo which is a 1997 XP. I plan on riding on Georgian bay most of this summer but really looking forward to traveling Ontario and trying out some other bodies...
  4. zechamp

    Ontario Roll Call

    Hey all. I am a new member to this forum and wanted to see who is all located in Ontario Canada. Furthermore, which lake are you riding on and what machine? I am a huge fan of cars and love to go on cruises with a bunch of people. Wondering if you have ever done something similar on the water...
  5. I

    Hello from The Intrepid Cottager!

    I'm an avid fresh water Sea-Doo rider and powersports journalist located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I ride over 3,000 kilometres (1,800 miles) every summer and write about my tours, experience and adventures. Check me out at www.intrepidcottager.com or on Facebook. Look forward to meeting and...
  6. S

    How's it going eh...

    Well I did it. 2010 210 wake bought and pick up less than 3weeks away. Replacing 1978 sidewinder... Can't wait. Southwestern Ontario Canada