oil indicator

  1. 100guard

    (Is search down?) Low Oil indicator:(...what do I do? Engine oil?glitch?Pump Cone?

    forgive me folks., I searched a few times for 'oil', 'low oil' but each time it comes up with 'no results'. That's insane because I can SEE a thread on oil just on the first page lol. I need help with my 98/99 Speedster SK. I think it's a 98...but I think I went all last yr thinking it was a...
  2. A

    1993 GTX oil light

    I have a 1993 gtx and the oil light does funny things. It is off at low-mid RPM's and then flickers or is on when at high RPM's. My oil tank is on the bottom half, but my question is......Is the light for oil pressure in the motor, or oil tank low? I thought 2 strokes didn't have "oil pressure...
  3. T

    97 GS Oil Light

    I have a 97 GS with one gauge for fuel. At the bottom of the gauge is an oil light. This light is now coming on but I have oil in the tank... I can see it in the oil tank. If it is just a problem of a float sensor in the tank that is bad..I can live with that. It is pretty easy to look into the...