not cranking solenoid

  1. beergut

    anyone know what the two purple wires are under the solenoid?

    there's 2 two purple wires under the starter solenoid on my 05 sportster 155- I'm having no luck. we were out tubing with the kids- I shut the boat off to load all the gear up when they were done tubing- went to start the boat back up and nothing. the DESS engages, the dummy lights turn on and...
  2. T

    2009 sea doo wake pro 215 trouble

    I have a 2009 sea doo wake pro I have had trouble cranking it . At first I just thought it was a dead battery because it made a clicking sound like the battery was dead so I charged the battery and it continued to make the clicking sound so I bought a new battery I installed the new battery and...