no thrust

  1. Kuikkis

    Engine runs and revs but no thrust.

    Hi everyone! I have a tricky problem with my Sea Doo GTI -98 PWC. I was riding in a deep water with slow speed when I heard a cracking sound from my Sea Doo. Engine kept running and it revved but there wasn´t thrust at all. I have now replaced my wear ring and impeller and checked driveshaft...
  2. elementsk8r3

    97 XP Sputtering and Bogging Down

    I took my 97 XP out to the river yesterday and ran it. It ran great for about 3 hours and I had no problems from it. On the way back to the boat ramp it started skipping at around 3/4 throttle and eventually wouldn't even get on a plane. It idles fine but when you give it throttle it feels like...
  3. J

    Rock lodged in the impellor

    I have a 2009 GTI 155, sucked up a rock, which became lodged in between two blades of the impellor, and actually routed away at the impellor ring. I did take out the rock. Now, of course, no thrust. Is there a shear pin that needs to be replaced? This is my first time owning a PWC, so I am...
  4. B

    weekend boater

    Put new plugs in 3 year old sportster during winter- engine runs smooth and starts easy but thrust won't get speed over 25-30 mph. LAt year topped out at over 40. any ideas?