1. 2

    mids for 2008 130 gti

    hi, does anyone have recommended performance mods for a 2008 gti 130, wanting good price for good benefit, and just good all round mods than can benefit most stats
  2. richallen72

    185 hp exshasut mods.

    I'm trying to see what I can do to the exhaust on my 2004 Seadoo GTX ltd supercharged. Any help would be great. Can I by pass the resonator and go directly out.
  3. Diablo

    New Idea's For my Challenger 180 SE 2007

    Hi i have been doing lots of reading here in the forum over the last few months and decided to start modding my boat due to winter kicking in here as of this month. So i decided while she isn't in use i should get started on few things first off getting rid of that huge stock air filter (i have...
  4. Nike12000

    2015 gti 155 limited

    Just picked up a new ski a few days ago, was doing some searching looking to see if there is any upgrades that can or should be done on a ski like mine. Any ideas websites or suggestions? Help please!
  5. Jeffburnett19

    Looking go for a 2002 xpl jet kit

    I've always had yahamas but this year I bought a 02 xpl and I'm trying to make it quicker and handle as best as possible so far I put a u.m.i finger throttle, worx maxiloader intake grate, and worx sponsons. My reaserach has brought me to believe I should jet the carbs and change the arestors...
  6. M

    impeller pitch....

    I have a 1995xp, the previous owner put on a high compression head(185psi) and after market flame arrestors. He could never get it to run and I ended up buying it as a basket case. I went through it and fixed his mistimed rotary valve, rejetted the carbs and replaced the leaking crank seals that...
  7. M

    Performance mods to 94 SP?

    Hey all, What kind of modifications can I make to my 94 SP to improve its performance? -Marc
  8. G

    97 gtx mods

    i was wondering if i could add some mods on my 1997 gtx 787 to make the acceleration and top speed better? just got a new engine in it 0 hours still have to break it in. Thanks!