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    Rearview mirror suggestions for challenger with no windshield

    I have a 2005 seadoo challenger with the 215 super charged engine. Recently purchased and having an issue. I often tow tunes and wakeboarders and need to see behind me. I don't have the windshield option but instead have the plastic racing farring type windshield. I also do not have a wake...
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    factory color mirror

    last weekend i managed to throw myself over the front end of a friends seadoo, successfully removing the left hand mirror. i've been looking around for a new mirror with much luck, except i can't find one the right color. i was told it's a 2000 gtx millennium edition. the color is sort of a...
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    Wanted Seadoo 97 GTX Mirrors

    I am in need of a set of white mirrors for my 97 gtx if you could please send me the amount with shipping and a pic that would be great... Supermansclone@yahoo.com Thanks Chris