1. L

    2007 230 Challenger Shop Manual

    I do not see a shop manual download for the 2007 230 Challenger. Does anyone have one?
  2. sanes05

    Bilge pump wiring

    2008 Sea-Doo 180 Challenger So my original bilge pump went out. I am replacing it with a Rule pump with an automatic sensor built in. It now works perfect in auto but I cannot get the manual switch on the helm to work. Is this as simple as a bad switch possibly or is there something else that...
  3. P

    Now Available 2009 Sea-Doo Service Manual for PWC and Boats

    For those who are having a hard time locating the 2009 Sea-Doo Service Manual for their PWC and Boat I was able to locate the manual after extensive searching online. You can find the 2009 Sea-Doo Service Manual here...