low oil

  1. S

    SeaDoo Rotax 4-tec engine low oil pressure on start up.

    Hey, I own a Gti 155 se 2012. When I first start the Ski, keep getting a message across the dash saying 'low oil pressure'. After about 1 second, the message will disappear and never return for the rest of the day. No issues with low oil in the engine and no leaking that I can see...
  2. TheCharlieB

    2010 gtx 155 low oil pressure

    Hello, New to the forum, and hoping for a miracle ... I have a 2010 GTX 155, with only 26 hours on it, I bought it brand new 2 years ago, right out of the crate. Back in June, I was riding and the low oil pressure light came on, then proceeded to go into limp mode. I took the...
  3. 100guard

    (Is search down?) Low Oil indicator:(...what do I do? Engine oil?glitch?Pump Cone?

    forgive me folks., I searched a few times for 'oil', 'low oil' but each time it comes up with 'no results'. That's insane because I can SEE a thread on oil just on the first page lol. I need help with my 98/99 Speedster SK. I think it's a 98...but I think I went all last yr thinking it was a...