intake grates

  1. denncro1

    Anti debris grate for 2011 GTI SE 130

    Hello. Anyone have info on a anti debri grate that will fit a 2011 GTI SE130? Im told by seadoo that pn 271001948 only fits 2017/2018. But i see them listed on other sites for 2011 to 2018 GTI SeaDoos? Anyone have and experience with this issue?
  2. S. Jones

    Seadoo 2004 3D - Better Intake Grate?

    Has anybody got recommendations for entry-level modifications (<$600) for a 2004 Seadoo 3D? Do they make a noticable difference in performance? I heard changing the intake grate gives a little better performance... I am riding Lake Michigan so focus would be on accelleration and handling...