idle problem

  1. bohnsorge

    98 GTX Limited 951 another idle problem.

    Hi Guys, first of all I would like to say hello to everyone and thank you for any kind of help (and sorry for my bad English). Moving on, I have a Sea-Doo GTX Limited 951 (on carburetors) `98 and I have a engine idle problem (I looked at threads in this forum, but did't find a match for my...
  2. S

    99 GSX RFI wont idle

    I bought my gsx a few months ago and just recently got it out on the water. It started and ran beautifully for 2 outings (3-4 hours of riding). But the 3rd time I took it out, I needed to add a little throttle to start it. Then while riding it would loose power and die (in about 4 seconds)...
  3. R

    2001 Challenger Pulls Heavily to the right

    It has the twin 85's, and I have to turn the wheel all the way to the left just to go straight. Also, when I max the left turn on the wheel, the left engine revs from idle of 3300 rpm, to 4500 rpm. Any thoughts? I've reviewed the other posts, and they deal with various things from cables...
  4. M

    Please help!!! Seadoo rxdi idle problem

    I just purchased a new ski, 2001 RXDI, and the original owner had replaced the pistons and cylinders. I had purchased the ski, and the ski now has an idle problem right after the start up. The original owner suggested that the cylinder base gasket could be the issue. Is this the possible issue...
  5. M

    2000 islandia runs rough

    2000 Islandia Starting problems Just recently purchased a 2000 Islandia with a V6 EFI Mercury motor. Overall this boat is great! Definitely underused by the prior owner. I am having a few problems. Most concerning now is a starting and idling issue. THe boat is hard to start, it takes many...
  6. J

    2000 gtx- idle problem

    Have rebuilt 951 carb motor- new carbs- new rave valves- idle climbs to over 4ooo rpm, unable to control with out pulling choke- engine runs on after pulling key reed valves damaged during reassembly- will a broken reed valve cause the motor to not idle and run lean?