1. tkarvelis

    How Hot is too hot for a 587 engine

    So I took my seadoo out to a local lake to adjust the carbs while it was still tied to the trailer. It ran good, but it sputtered a bit a full throttle. I did not adjust it much as I had a leak in the head gasket, and sprayed water out the PTO cylinder. I have the o-rings ordered, and I...
  2. cuenta

    sea doo flywheel get hot

    hello friends I have a rookie question I have a 1997 gti and the flywheel cover them extremely hot engine block is cold exhaust pipe too is this normal or have any problem thanks for your help
  3. bnoe5140

    97 SPX hard starting

    I have 2 Seadoos but my 97 SPX is a problem getting it running. Once it starts it generally runs pretty well. New or freshly cleaned spark plugs usually does the trick. The plugs get wet (oil?) so I have 3 sets and clean them and rotate but it seems to be getting worse. The battery gets run down...