1. vresquivel

    Any one know what material is the hood of?

    Hello. I have a 2008 Wake 215 I bought last July. It's and old guy so it came with broken/scratched hull, but watching videos we were able to repair the hull. However there's another big bump the previous owner did on the hood, and I would like to repair it. However I cannot determine what...
  2. jblack1988

    2017 RXT 260 front hood installation

    Hello, I have ordered a new 2017 RXT 260 front hood that I recently just broke. Does anyone know where I can find instructions on how to take the old one off and replace the new one. Im sure when I receive the new hood it should come with it. I like to do my research before I start. Thanks...
  3. S

    98 Speedster - I need a windshield (hood)

    I am looking for the passsenger side windshield hood (front storage compartment cover) as mine is completely cracked off.. I assume there is noway to repair it.. Thks!
  4. C

    Xp Hoods

    Can anyone tell me what other hoods will fit on a 2002 xp .. I've looked at pics of 98 & up ..they look very close but I don't want to buy 1 and find out it won't work .. The lower piece that meets the hull is the main piece i need to swap .. Thanks Frank. Anyone have one for sale ??
  5. G

    95 Gtx Fadeing away need parts help!

    Hey guys, First time on a forum, Got a 95 Gtx In need of parts. Handle bar cover front bumper and seat covers for touring seat. also need a hood and latch. Thx
  6. H

    Searching for a 1996 Seadoo GTS Hood

    I'm trying to find a Hood for my 1996 Seadoo GTS - it's kind of Teal looking in color - some people might call it green. I don't know if the hood for any other model would fit? Does anybody know ?
  7. T

    Need 1995 spx parts!

    Hi, I am looking for anyone who has parts to fit a 1995 SPX. Right now I particulary need a front hood cover. I'd like a hood cover with gauges and mirrors, but let me know what you've got and how much your looking to get for it. Thanks
  8. brandon32689

    fixing my hood, ideas?

    i took my hood off my gsx and want to remove the mirrors i took them off, but now what can i use to fill in the 2 lil holes on both sides any ideas at all, i could put like a decal on both sides, but then water may get in but i dont think it matters but could be wrong, any ideas please shoot...
  9. M

    WTB Front Storage Cover - 1999 Sea Doo GTI

    In need of the enitre Front Storage Cover (hood) for one of our 1999 Sea Doo GTI's. If you have one, or one that will fit. Matt @ 314-814-5402