1. Gamerse

    A buyers guid to the 2-Stroke SeaDoo Sport Boat galaxie

    This a a basic guide for those looking to get into a "new to you" two stroke sport boat. 1.Decide "what" you are buying, we will call it "X" 2.Google "X common problems" to see what often goes wrong 3.Find "X performance or we love X" forum, what are they fixing or griping about? Say hi, ask...
  2. Gamerse

    Unofficial 587,657,717 Mpem troubleshooting guide

    Random Sutdowns: 1.Check all fuses. A.Mpem fuse is blown. Your Mpem may have a shorted diode causing high current draw. Using a DVOM, check for reverse current flow. (black lead to mpem fuse, red to ground) If mpem fails test, repair or replace Mpem and...