gti 130

  1. hawker

    GTi 130 - 2009 (Crankshaft Position Sensor Value)

    Hey guys! My engine stopped with the Crankshaft position sensor error code. I bought a new sensor, but the engine didn't start. The new sensor has 970Ω, is that right? I read somewhere that it should be somewhere between 190-300Ω. But now when I connect the key, there is a long beep and 5...
  2. C

    2006 sea doo gti cutting off

    I have a 2006 sea doo gti I just replaced the battery and took it out and it started right up no problem and ran great for 30 minutes then cut off started it back up and it ran for a couple minutes then cut off again after that it would start up and run sometimes for a minute or 2 or only a...
  3. K

    FOR SALE BUYING A 09 Sea-Doo gti 130 engine

    Hello, my name is Michael and I'm looking for anyone that has got a lightly used engine that fits a 2009 seadoo gti 130. My current engine with 1,156 hours lost oil pressure and with diagnosing it's the front cylinder and needs to be rebuilt. So hoping to save some money and time and just...
  4. J

    2021 Seadoo GTI 130 - rocks in impeller

    Hello, I have just purchased a new 2021 Seadoo GTI 130. In my 2nd ride out I hit ground (in a place not near shore that was not marked properly) and sucked up a bunch of rocks. I made the big mistake of trying a couple of times to drive myself out of it and then came to my senses and shut it...
  5. B

    2008 Seadoo GTI Fault Codes (P0261, P0264, P0267)

    Hello - each time I ride my 2008 Sea-Doo GTI 130, after about an hour of riding I get injector short to ground codes (P0261, P0264, P0267). However, nothing happens to the skis performance. It doesn't sputter, cutoff, or misfire. I find it odd that it takes so much time for the codes to occur...
  6. z_ries

    Hi All

    What's going on dudes and dudettes! I am new to the PWC world. I just recently purchased a 2006 SeaDoo GTI 130. I found a smoking deal in my opinion. The ski only has 206 hours on it, and it doesn't look like water has touched the bilge. I am excited to get it on the water, but I must...
  7. P

    New Member with a 2009 GTI 130 and a Cam Phase Sensor issue

    Hey all, I have a 2009 GTI 130 which has run flawlessly for years. This weekend my son and his friends were running it on Lake Gaston, VA and the check engine light came on with a error code of 0344. It is running fine, but put it on the sidelines until I can clear the error. I've been...
  8. T

    some Questions

    Hey everyone, I am thinking about buying a sea-doo GTI 130 and i have a few questions. I'm pretty new to jet skiing so i apologize in advance for any stupid questions :) - How much would the GTI 130 consume in ECO mode ? ( if you can't give me a rough number a range would be appreciated )...
  9. N

    Need new battery for my GTi

    I have a Sea doo Gti SE130 and my battery needs replaced. I went to Wallmart and they not have any Sea doo battery for sell. They only one I found was for a GTX 2007 model. Will a Everstart battery work or a die hard? Of so what is the model number on them. I just don't like buying stuff on the...
  10. B

    2011 GTI 130 SE & Lumix TS3 waterproof camera

    Very happy w/ new GTI 130 SE & Lumix TS3 waterproof camera.