gsx cutting out

  1. trizz

    97 seadoo gsx wont rev above 3400 RPM

    so i bought a 97 seadoo gsx not too long ago and i knew it need some work so i put some parts in like a starter,battery, fuel lines, stator but i got it on the water today starts just fine and stays idle between 1100-1400 rpms but when i give it throttle it shows it will only go up to 3400 rpms...
  2. B

    seadoo 1996 gsx cutting out

    hi all i am new to pwc and have just brought a seadoo gsx it has a 787 engine,i have had it running but it keeps cutting out after about 30secs,if i put the key in i get 2 beeps then i can stat it by bridgeing the solonoid(the solonoid is faulty)it will run for about 25/30secs then the display...