fuel pressure issues

  1. Papa Jules

    Need help - 2001 gtx di

    Hello, I need some help. Spend now hours over the winter after buying a 2001 gtx di in Germany which was dead. Did lots rework, bought many parts in USA. (Europe you get almost nothing or only overpriced) all runs now. Only problem I have it won’t go full throttle. Please hear the sound. By...
  2. deNick

    240EFI Challenger 2000 '01 engine issues after rebuild

    Hello! Got some issues with my challenger 2000 (240efi) after rebuild engine was installed. (rebuild after been heated and broken two lower pistons, stbrd and port) The engine starts and idles pretty good, runs smoothly up to 2000 rpm. At 2500 rpm - engine rattles, jerks and loses power...