fuel issue

  1. G

    1996 GTX fuel issue

    Our 1996 GTX was in storage for 13 years. I put new fuel and spark plugs in it and it would start and run decent. The main issue was that if running at 6000 rpms it would drop down to 4000-5000 rpms for a while then you could go back up. If you stayed below 5000 rpms there would be no issue...
  2. C

    94 seadoo spi starts but dies when throttle applied

    Hey guys. I am a new ski owner here and am looking for some answers. I have a 94 seadoo spi that has been sitting for a few years. I put an ignition coil in it and it fired right up. had a full day of fun on the lake and the next day we took it out and while going fast it died out as if I pulled...
  3. B

    2002 GTX 4-tec fuel issue

    Just purchased a 2002 gtx 4-tec. Previous owner said the engine runs fine, but when you get below a half a tank of gas the engine will sputter and then shut off. He says he replaced the fuel pump but didn't replace the gasket so when when the fuel drops below half a tank it starts to suck...
  4. ardy

    1994 GTX – Issue - Need your Thoughts

    Hello All, Long time member, first time posting. I have always been able to get answers from the forum by searching. Very good forum. But this is a first time that I think I know what I need to do but need bit knowledge support in the background. Needed access to manuals (service, parts) and...
  5. S

    2000 RX with Carbs... bad performance

    After not riding this PWC for 3 years had the old fuel and synthetic oil flushed and started. Basically this seadoo is brand new, but it will not run good since sitting. I flushed the fuel lines yesterday, and now top end is 45 max, still a little sputtering. I used carb and choke cleaner on...
  6. M

    587 has hard time starting when warmed up

    i have a 94 seadoo xp, the last owner put a 587 engine and pump assembly in the hull. here is the problem, the ski would start up great when I first put it in the water, once the engine warms up and let's say I fall or cut it off and go to restart it , it would just crank. the only way I can get...