1. Kwik_uk

    Mercury Kiekhaefer key float

    Hi folks, I've got, or should say had, one of these key floats. I've had it for years, it used to belong to my dad, and he had it for years before me. He got it at the same time as a '69 1100 Tower of Power I've been restoring. Unfortunately I've lost the set of keys which had this float...
  2. kilgorekb

    Need interpretation of fuel baffle float ohm test results

    1) Grounded out the fuel gauge. Gauge read Full. 2) Removed float. Float has fuel inside. 1 magnet has lost its zinc? coating, but it's still a magnet. 3) Performed resistance test with fuel-filled float. Set multimeter to 200 Ohm. 3a) Float at bottom = 00.1 3b) Float 1 inch from...
  3. S

    98 seadoo gs fuel float

    hey guys. just wondering where the best place is online to order this infamous fuel float. thanks alot