1. Nick10201

    ‘03 GTX 4-Tec Supercharged RPM Issue

    I recently took my 03 GTX to the bahamas and on the way back it randomly made an awful screeching noise back aft and dropped in RPM and speed to zero from about 5000 rpm/ 30 mph. It immediately picked back up speed and RPM so I figured I sucked something up and it passed through. Fast forward...
  2. Z

    Starter Brush Leads Destroyed - Seasoo Sportser 1800 1998

    I have a 1998 Seadoo Sportser 1800 which has been killing staters for multiple reasons. 1st it was due to excess vibrations destroying internal magnets. I fixed that issue with new motor mounts. Now, in both engines, the starters failed by burned out brush leads within 30 minute of each...