failed start

  1. onez

    Problems with IBR (RXT-X 2010)

    This is what has happened to me: Now that we have free time I decided to clear the rust from some parts of my RXT-X 260 RS (S3 hull) In particular the cover for the IBR motor, I only took it apart to paint it, as you can see in the picture. The problem is that when putting it back I get an...
  2. M

    SeaDoo Snipe HELP with Carb Rebuild

    Stats: 96 SPX, Mikuni BN-38l Carbs During the rebuild (OEM parts), I noticed a little blow by in the needle valve assembly area. When I did a pop-off test, it only got to about 25-30 psi and I noticed bubbles (used WD-40) around the need valve area. Also the carb would not hold pressure at...