exhaust clamp

  1. DeuceIsLoose

    1995 Speedster- Exh gasket question

    Newbie here- just picked up a 1995 Speedster. I was aware of some of the mechanical challenges that come along with the twin engine boats, and I'm looking forward to keeping this thing in excellent condition. I'm mechanically inclined and have built several motorcycles, rebuilt some JS440's and...
  2. S

    Looking for an exhaust clamp for a 1995 SeaDoo Sportster (Part #: 274000151)

    Hi all, I just bought a used 1995 SeaDoo Sportster and it needs a replacement exhaust clamp (part #: 274000151 - http://bit.ly/16aAGNx). I've been searching various websites for this part, and can't find it anywhere (I did think I found one and ordered it but when it arrived it turned out...