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    96 GTI 3/4 - Full Throttle dying

    Earlier this year I rebuilt a 1996 gti. I replaced all the grey fuel lines with mpi marine grade fuel injection lines, completely rebuilt both carbs with parts from osdmarine, rebuilt the fuel baffle (float sensor was not floating), replaced fuel selector, replaced fuel pressure check valve, and...
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    96 SP Dying

    I have a 1995 Seadoo SP. And for most of the summer it was working just fine. The current problem presented itself after the SP was partially submerged. The bilge lines which are usually secured to the side of the inside well above the waterline had detached from the side and lay low enough...
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    1995 seadoo sp constant beep

    hey guys took the skis out today (or tried to) i went to start the ski in i can hear this somewhat quite but constant beeping. it gets louder sometimes but the ski will start and run then shut off and not idle properly. i had finally got it started and ran it for maybe 30 seconds before it shut...