compression check

  1. rhonus

    compression - depression

    Looking for some advice to cheers me up!! I have rebuilt my engine from my GSX and couldn't get it to start. Turns out the compression is 50. No I didn't miss the 1 of 150. It is 50 and it drops to 0 on both cylinders. When I stop cranking. As I mention in a previous post I put the ski in...
  2. A

    1996 Seadoo GSX blown engine? ..... HELP

    I was out testing my 1996 Seadoo XP to make sure my carb rebuild was successful on it, and my 1996 Seadoo GTX cut out. I never go out on the lake with one ski because tows are expensive. Luckily I have two skis, so that is usually not a problem. I was not riding my GSX, so I am not sure of the...