1. Babounsky

    2003 Sportster 155 4-tec help

    HI, I owned a 2003 Sportster 4-tec and I need help. At my last ride Everything runs great and at the end the boat has made a little ''bang'' and it has stop one shot. I know I don't hit the bottom of the lake. After the boat don't go faster than 10 or 15 mph but the rpm still goes to the top...
  2. N

    1996 Seadoo XP steering cable removal

    I purchased a 1996 XP for a good price and the steering cable seems to be locked up, and well, I broke it. So I need to get the cable replaced. I got the but unscrewed inside the hull which I thought would be the hardest part and that only took a couple seconds. Does anyone know a trick to...
  3. G

    2009 wakepro tow pole broke

    I just bought a new 2009 seadoo wakepro 215 and our second time out while pulling my 200 pound brother he wiped out on his bad side and cracked the tow pole assembly and the right lateral support arm. All plastic of course. BRO will replace at there cost this time but said not next time. This...