bogging out

  1. NPack

    07 Seadoo RXT P1502 Code - TOPS Functional Problem

    Hi Folks, I have an 07 Seadoo RXT that started throwing a P1502 error code at me. With this code, I get the 2 second beep at start up, the flashing check engine light, and then it will beep at me again every 15 minutes. The ski is also limited to 5000 RPMs, 35mph max, and limited acceleration...
  2. D

    1999 Seadoo Gtx Problem

    – doesn’t go faster than 30mph or 4000 rpm, starts fine and runs okay at low speeds, starts bogging out at speeds > 25mph, had the carbs rebuilt and fuel systems inspected and everything appears fine, the machine ran fine last season – but at the very start of this season this problem started...