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    2004 Sportster guages fuse blowing

    Good day, I have a 2004 Sportster with the 155 4-Tec which my wife and I love. Problem - the guages fuse (located in the engine compartment MPEM fuse cluster) keeps blowing. This knocks out all the guages, beeper, and warning lights. The engine still runs fine. It is somewhat intermittant...
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    Need a Stator

    I am looking for a stator for a 97 Seadoo GTS with a 717 engine... That stator I have is bad and keeps blowing my 15amp fuse and I have had the stator tested and it is bad so I need a replacement... Please PM me is you have one or know where I can get one... You may also E-mail me at...
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    Seadoo Fuse Blowing

    Sorry I posted this in the wrong forum... Can a Mod please close this topic.