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    New to the forum and really need help. 1998 seadoo GTS backfiring

    So I bought a couple of seadoos 2 yrs. ago. Last summer my mother (crazy) in law wanted me to leave them at the cabin to play on, stupid me I did. The next day they brought them home to me and told me, " I got to the middle of the lake and it flipped over on me, I couldn't get it flipped back...
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    Please, any help is greatly appreciated. Won't start, will start, backfires.

    Hey guys, not sure how to create a new thread yet but I hope you can help me!! I have a 1997 seadoo xp (787 engine). I had it out on the lake once this year, tipped it after a long day and it stopped running... took it home dried it out, took the whole top half of the engine apart and replaced...
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    2003 Sea Doo Islandia 240EFI Engine issue

    Hi, I just bought a 2003 Sea Doo Islandia. The Boat runs fine except for the engine's master alarm will go off shortly after I start the engine. I have checked the battery and Alternator and those are fine. (I initially thought it was a battery thing). What else could it be? The engine...