alignment tool

  1. Jtamaro

    Engine alignment without tool idea - mag light

    Hi Guys, I wanted to do an engine alignment check after replacing the carbon seal but didn’t have access to an engine alignment tool. I looked at options to make something but found a solution that worked really well for me that I had in the garage. I inserted a small medium sized USA mag...
  2. B

    Alignment tool rental?

    Anyone have an alignment tool rental in the Orlando, Tampa or Jacksonville area?
  3. B

    Alignment tool for rent Orlando area?

    Seeing if anyone had an alignment tool I could rent for a couple days. Either in Tampa, Orlando or Jacksonville area! Would prefer not to ship since there’s a chance the rod could get bent
  4. M

    Alignment tool in Perth

    Hi there. Anyone in Perth here have an alignment tool I could borrow in exchange for some beer? Just replaced the rear port side engine mount in my 97 gsx. Thanks, Stotty
  5. XARiUS

    Alignment tool needed

    Im in the Pittsburgh/Beaver Falls area and need to get my engine aligned, just took a 717 out of a GTI and threw it in a XP, does anyone know of somewhere i can either rent one or pay a few bucks and have it done quickly. Thanks!